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At Sport Surfaces, we specialize in all different types of basketball court construction and design, including home backyard, city parks and commercial basketball courts. We are the proven basketball court construction experts when it comes to installing new basketball courts and will find the perfect court for your property!

We can design and install outdoor basketball courts in any size, shape and color, including regulation full courts and half courts. From home courts to commercial courts, our experts work with you to meet your space and budgetary needs. We have several different types of surfaces from cushion courts, to modular tile (sport courts), concrete surfaces and acrylic asphalt surfaces.We make basketball court construction look easy.


Regulation Full-Size Basketball Court

Full-size basketball courts are great options for those with extra space in a backyard or commercial properties. During our Basketball court construction installation, our experts first apply a solid base of rock that is laser graded to ensure a perfect pitch. The next step is to pave the area using asphalt, which acts as the hard surface you will play on. The court will then be flooded to reveal any low spots or imperfections that need to be repaired. When the asphalt is level, 2 coats of acrylic resurfacer is applied followed by 2-3 coats of acrylic paint will be applied to create the final, beautiful finish on your basketball court. The basketball court will than be striped to either high school or college specifications.

Half-Court Basketball Court

Half-size concrete basketball courts are perfect solutions for smaller spaces and areas that are not easily accessible. Before installation, our team will first ensure that the ground is leveled and properly measured. Our experts will then apply a plastic vapor barrier to protect your court, followed by the concrete. Once the concrete has cured for 30 days, we will flood the court to reveal any low spots or imperfections that need to be repaired. When the concrete is level, a coat of acrylic resurfacing paint will be applied to finish your court so it’s ready for hours of fun.

Basketball Standards Goal

Selecting the basketball standard is an important component to the overall design of your basketball court. Our team offers different basketball standard options, including:

  • plexiglass
  • glass
  • adjustable
  • fixed systems

Our experts will work with you to figure out the best selection for your needs.

Basketball Court Accessories

Sports Surfaces also offers basketball court accessories options, including goals, bleachers, scoreboards and protective padding. Some specifications we offer include:

  • Adjustable basketball systems that can adjust from 6’ – 10’ to make the game easier and more enjoyable for children
  • Backboards made from plexiglas, tempered glass and aluminum, ranging in size from 48” to NBA size 72”
  • Extension arms from 2’ – 5’
  • Benches for team or individual seating
  • Court Lighting for night play

Standard Asphalt Basketball Court

Asphalt is the preferred surface for basketball court construction because of its many advantages. The softness of the material offers orthopedic benefits and puts less stress on joints. Asphalt is also an affordable option that will maintain paint and durability over the course of many uses.  We also offer an upgraded cushion option which provides a soft rubber synthetic cushion which not only feels great to play on but provides added protection to your joints.

Standard Concrete Basketball Court

Concrete is a great solution for your basketball court construction project in areas with limited space and accessibility. Our team uses a special cementitious acrylic product and a vapor barrier during installation to ensure that paint will adhere well and the court will maintain its durability.

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