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Sport Surfaces, Arizona, offers both technologically advanced and economical elite-level resurfacing solutions for outdoor and indoor sports courts, Arizona-wide. Do you have an outdoor or indoor basketball court that possibly requires resurfacing?
The signs are always there–they may be cracked surfaces, uneven leveling, moisture retention, or poor-quality equipment. Maybe the paint job was not done well, leading to both aesthetic and health concerns, such as the risk of more injuries than usual.
Sport Surfaces can effortlessly and cost-efficiently refurbish your existing outdoor courts for you, whether it is a basketball court, pickleball court, tennis court, or a multi-purpose facility. Not only will this give you a chance to enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing playing surface, but your court will also reduce the strain to joints and sound levels from ball bounce.
It will also prevent the ball from bouncing in unexpected directions, reducing the quality of play, and limiting your agency while dribbling the ball! Our premium outdoor sports surface comes with a warranty and a life expectancy much higher than most of the other courts constructed!

Benefits of Sport Surfaces Courts for Your Basketball Court, Arizona:

  • A professional-level court in your backyard
  • Adding hours of fun for your guests
  • Shooting hoops any time of the day
  • Adding function and value to your property
  • Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Economic investment, which is virtually maintenance-free
  • Making the most of empty spaces (you can save time mowing lawns!)
  • Saving time and costs traveling to the stadium by train or car
  • Rubber cushion technology available, which reduces ball bounce sound and minimizes the impact on joints
  • Water drainage system – works to eliminate puddles, increase safety, and ensure the court is ready to play on ten minutes after heavy rain
  • Safer and durable surface options available – no warping, fading or cracking

Our novel and innovative technologies have enabled us to introduce to you a surface that you can employ for multiple sports on the same court. In this manner, you end up making the most of your space.

In case of space being too congested when developing a multi-purpose court, our professionals will be able to guide you about what to do in that scenario as well. You really cannot go wrong when you decide to invest in a Sport Surfaces court for your residence, facility, school, or park!

Basketball Court Layout and Dimensions

Basketball courts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, often depending on the local regulations governing the game. For instance, under the International Basketball Federation rules, the court ought to be slightly smaller than an NBA court.

However, the hoops or baskets into which the ball must be thrown to score are always 3.05 meters above the floor–with the exception of certain adolescent competitions.

A standard basketball court is equally divided into two halves, with a center circle in the middle where players contest for the jump ball. Baskets are surrounded by a restricted semi-circular area and are situated at either end.

Free throw circles are situated at the end of rectangular free throw lanes around the restricted areas, while wide semi-circles or arcs mark the three-point lines. Any shot converted beyond these lines scores three points.

Indoor basketball courts are typically made from highly-polished wood, such as maple, which is sealed to protect the surface. However, rubber tiles and synthetic materials may also be used.

For outdoor courts, poured concrete and asphalt are popular, although rubber is another option, reducing stress on the joints and improving the weather resistance of the court.

At Sport Surfaces, we can provide surfaces and covers to suit all types of indoor and outdoor basketball facilities, from single courts to large sports venues accompanied by spectator areas.

Multi-Sports Court and Basketball Court Resurfacing

If you are in charge of an existing basketball court or multi-sports court that requires resurfacing, Sports Surfaces, Arizona, can offer you specially designed interlocking sports court tiles with pre-painted line-markings. However, it is always better to trust a vetted professional with decades of experience to install them for you. Contact us now, and visit our site for more tips and guidelines to get your Arizona court in shape today!


Bare concrete resurfacing has its own share of unique procedures that if not followed carefully will ultimately lead to court failure. It is by far one of the most challenging surfaces to work with. Through years of research and development we have perfected a resurfacing system using proven techniques that not only adheres well but is long lasting as well. It is imperative that your concrete surface have a vapor barrier installed, a medium broom finish and the use of a natural cure on the surface.   If you are considering having the concrete poured and finished we strongly advise you to use the service of a professional basketball company to assist you in order to ensure that the end result of your basketball court is a successful one.   Typical basketball court dimensions are approximately 50’x 94’. Please note: Court must have a minimum of 1% slope in one plan to guarantee removal of water.

  • Pressure cleaning and power blowing the basketball court to remove dirt, debris, mildew and oil.
  • Patch depressions greater than 1/8 inch. After 1-hour drying time, will smooth ridges, as necessary.
  • Fill existing cracks, as needed.
  • If the court is bare concrete, it is extremely important that it is acid etched with either muriatic acid or phosphoric acid. This will neutralize the alkalotic properties of the concrete and allow the acrylic paint to more readily stick.
  • We than apply (2) coats of Acrylotex, a cementitious paint which has both the properties of cement and acrylics. This allows the paint to bond very successfully to the new surface.
  • The lines are then primed and painted using either the high school regulation or NCAA specifications.


Please note: Specifications may vary depending on condition of playing surface.

  • Application of 1 coat of acrylic resurfacer over entire basketball court area to fill voids and create a smooth surface.
  • Application of 2 coats of acrylic color concentrate (two-tone) to provide color over entire court.
  • Marking and painting of two-inch wide playing lines with white textured heavy bodied acrylic latex paint, in accordance with high school regulations.

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