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Top Bocce Ball Court Construction in Arizona

Playing bocce ball is about the sport as well as being social!  Building a bocce ball court brings people of all ages together!

Bocce Ball is played on a flat level surface covered with a layer of clay, sand or oyster shell.  The bocce ball court can be covered with bocce ball turf.  The Court has a wooden border marked on each end with pointing lines, shooting lines and a  half court marker. To play bocce ball one person stands at the end of the court and rolls a small ball (known as the Pallino) past the half court marker.  Then each team rolls four balls trying to get the closest to the Pallino.   A point is given for each bocce ball that is nearer to the Pallino than the opposing teams bocce balls.  

At Sport Surfaces, our licensed and insured professionals offer premier bocce ball court design and construction services. A regulation bocce ball court can be built as small as 10’ x 60’ or  as large as 13’ x 91’, however we offer customized courts to fit any space. No matter what size court, Sport Surfaces will take great care in making surface material recommendations and ensuring your bocce ball court has accurate lines and markers. Sport Surfaces works with our customers to ensure a perfect result. 

Once the bocce ball court is built Sport Surfaces  can provide you with all the bocce ball equipment you will need to play.  A Bocce Ball Set will come in a nylon bag with the Pallino, 4 red balls and 4 green balls (colors may vary). We can also provide a scoreboard, measuring devices, measuring tape, and measuring rod. 

Sport Surfaces
 is your one stop shopping for all your Bocce Ball maintenance needs.   

The maintenance of a bocce ball court depends on what covering is chosen.  For a clay bocce ball court, a court scraper will be needed.    After time the bocce ball court will also need additional clay. For a turf bocce ball court, a tamper will be  needed.  We will be happy to teach you how to care for your bocce ball court. 

To make your bocce ball experience complete, Sport Surfaces offers a service contract to maintain your bocce ball court called the Gold Maintenance Package.  We will provide care to your Bocce Ball court twice a year to ensure your bocce ball court remains pristine.  

The first step to building a new bocce ball court is to contact Sport Surfaces at  (888) 423-1120 or go to our web site: 

We look forward to having you join the Sport Surfaces Family!

Standard Bocce Ball Court Construction

We offer several bocce ball court surface options. The leading surface material is the synthetic court, as it offers great results with extremely low maintenance.

When designing your bocce ball court, you can choose from:

  • Synthetic bocce ball court
  • Har-Tru (clay) bocce ball court
  • Oyster Blend bocce ball court

We also offer options for the walls of the bocce ball court. The walls are used for strategic playing (i.e. bank shots) and therefore the material requires careful consideration.
When designing the walls of your bocce ball court, you can choose from:

  • Pressure-treated wood walls
  • Concrete walls with an interior wood surface

Internationally recognized bocce ball courts (typically for professional/commercial use) require a surface of 91’ x 13.’ However, Sport Surfaces offers customizable bocce ball courts for recreational use and will work with you every step of the way to meet your needs.

Bocce Ball Court Markers

When deciding on your bocce ball court dimensions, it is important to consider the type of use it will be for.

For commercial/professional use: A level surface of 91’ x 13’ with back and side walls accommodates the “Open Rules” and is internationally recognized.

For recreational use: Sport Surfaces recommends opting for the 60’ x 10’ dimensions, as this size court offers the most flexibility. However, our specialists can customize your court to fit the exact dimensions of your space.

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Bocce Ball Court Markers

Whether for commercial or recreational use, accurate bocce ball court markers are essential to the game. Our experts will identify and mark the following markers:

First Throw Pallino Marker–placed 1’ from the inside board and 3’ from the backboard.

Foul Lines–placed 4’ and 9’ from the backboard.

Half Point Line–marks the minimum distance the pallino needs to go on the first throw.

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