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If you are looking to transform your aging pickleball surface by enhancing the style and performance or building a court from scratch on the terrain in Arizona, Sport Surfaces can assist you in this endeavor.

Here is a brief introduction to the sport if you are not aware already: It is a sport that is played on a badminton-sized court, which is smaller than a tennis court. These dimensions accommodate several courts and numerous players in the same expanse of space, making this sport an excellent activity for residential areas with limited space.

Pickleball courts are popping up in parks, schools, retirement communities, and sports facilities throughout the United States. It is a trend every state, including Arizona, needs.

You might be visiting this page because you have an old court that needs resurfacing, or because you wish to convert your tennis court into a pickleball court? Turn to Sport Surfaces for cost-effective pickleball court resurfacing solutions that can renovate your court to improve aesthetics and playability while focusing on fixing issues such as high areas and standing water. We propose a variety of resurfacing options according to your budget and aesthetic goals. We also use top-rated products in Arizona that can surely take your game to the next level.

Tennis to pickleball court conversion

An increasing number of facilities and homeowners are transforming their tennis courts into pickleball courts as a result of the growing popularity of the sport. Sport Surfaces, Arizona, can effortlessly convert your existing acrylic tennis court to a pickleball court through resurfacing.

Based on the dimensions of your hard court, we can convert a tennis court into either two or four pickleball courts. This process will involve resurfacing your current hard-court coating, instating new pickleball posts, and capping off the tennis post sockets.

Indoor pickleball court resurfacing

While indoor hard-court surfaces aren’t exposed to UV rays and rain, they are still subject to damage because of humidity issues, frequent usage, and debris that can be ground into the surface during play. When dealing with indoor pickleball court installation or resurfacing, it’s essential to work with the experts as your facility needs to be ventilated suitably to dry the coating. Amateurish indoor acrylic hard-court installation can lead to permanent marbling and other defects.

Outdoor pickleball court resurfacing

Your outdoor hard-court might be showing signs of wear like peeling, fading, and even cracks. No one wishes to play on a carbuncle court, especially when it has lost its safe anti-slip texture and doesn’t sustain good playability. Sport Surfaces resurfaces outdoor pickleball courts using state-of-the-art acrylic court coatings, which can be applied to asphalt and concrete and systems.

Depending on the conditions of your court, your existing system may require to be stripped before repairs can be initiated so that we can install a multi-layer acrylic and high-performance court system

Other relevant details

At Sport Surfaces Arizona, we are always available to guide you about the kind of coating you need to use, ranging from concrete to asphalt. We will also provide details regarding the number of pails required according to your facility. It is a step-by-step process that ensures you receive a product that you are fully satisfied with, both when it comes to cost and quality.

You may be wondering about the specific dimensions usually required. A size of 34’ by 64’ is ideal, along with a north-south orientation that minimizes the angle of the sun in the players’ eyes. As for the dimensions of the court lines, they usually measure 20’ by 44.’ Moving on to the preferred color combination; a single color is the easiest application choice. You can apply contrasting colors to out-of-bound regions. However, this is more complicated if you are considering doing the job by yourself. That is where a vetted and experiences court contractor such as Sport Surfaces comes in.

You may have concerns along the lines of whether the coating will cover and fill the cracks. While recoating can certainly cover fine cracks, your court needs special care and attention by an approved court contractor. At Sport Surfaces, we take great care when choosing the materials and methods we employ for each case. Acrylic crack fillers are the best option, and those who use crack repair materials generally used for overlay and driveway tracks; their methods will not prove as useful.

If the surface is not professionally cleaned and the asphalt or concrete retains moisture, there is a chance that the coatings may not adhere properly and blister. We are certified contractors in Arizona, with decades of experience and a dedication to quality court resurfacing, construction, and reconstruction.

Pickleball Court Specifications

When we are just adding pickleball court lines to a tennis court we usually try and use line colors which are in the same color tone but are either darker or lighter than the tennis court playing surface. We find that this allows pickleball players to differentiate the tennis lines while giving the courts a good appearance.getting confused and allowing tennis players to continue to enjoy tennis with little or no interference from the pickleball lines.

  • The court dimension is 20 feet wide x 44 feet long for both singles and doubles matches.
  • A total playing area 30 feet wide x 60 feet long. Note: this is a minimum size. Most players prefer to have a standard size of 34’ x 64’.
  • Lines size should be 2” (same width as tennis court lines) and it is recommended to have a contrasting color in the same color family that is currently on the playing surface of the tennis court. We have found that too great of a contrast leads to confusion for tennis players.

Here is some useful terminology about the Lines and Areas of the Pickleball court

  • The lines parallel to the net at each end of the court are called the baselines.
  • Lines which run perpendicular to the net on each side of the court are the called the sidelines.
  • The lines on each side of the net between the sidelines that are parallel to the net are the non-volley lines. These lines are located 7’ from the net.

Pickleball Net and Post Specifications

  • The official net size is 22′ L x 3′ H. We recommend that the materials are 3mm polyethylene and that a 23 oz. vinyl headband is used. Fiberglass dowels are also recommended.
  • Net Height. It is recommended that the net be 36” high at the sidelines and 34” high at the center of the court.
  • Center Strap. The same strap used for tennis is also used for pickleball but is set at a height of 34”.
  • Net posts should be placed 22’ on center and the post height is 36”

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