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Sport Surfaces offers you an all in one solution to you sport court® need! Our Sport Surfaces Multi-Sport Surface court construction can provide you with all of your sports in one place. Instead of having your children playing these games on their xbox or watching them on tv they can be outside actually playing them! The games that we offer are tennis, basketball, futsal, Pickleball, Inline Hockey, Shuffleboard, Soccer, Volleyball and more. Our top of the line cushioned all-weather sports surface helps protect against long-term sports injuries while enjoying your favorite sports. (This is the same surfaces used in the US Open)

We offer 3 basic types of multi Sport Court®s.

  • The first is our standard acrylic court which is has an identical acrylic flooring system used for tennis or basketball courts. This is a good system which is relatively inexpensive and requires minimal maintenance.
  • The next upgraded surface would be a modular court surface which was originally invented and patented based on an orthopedic surface concept of reducing both lateral and vertical stresses for the sole purpose of providing a Fatigue Reducing and Impact Absorbing Court Surface. This surface is also great due to the fact that you can play on it 5 minutes after a rain.
  • The final surface we offer is a cushion surface which is also an impact absorbing surface and is similar to the surface used at the USOPEN. This surface is great in terms of shock absorption, low maintenance and is still very affordable.

We offer a turnkey solution providing you with the everything from the basketball hoops, to the sport lights to the pads. a multi-sport designed and built will usually include the following specifications:

  • Asphaltic Concrete or Concrete Pad
  • Three different types of surfaces to choose from 1) acrylic 2) modular 3) Cushion
  • Adjustable or Fixed height Basketball Hoop System with either a Plexi-Glass or True Glass Backboard and Breakaway Rim
  • A netting system which will vary depending on the sport chosen.
  • Sin 1,000 Watt Metal Halide Lighting system (double or single heads) based on court size and your individualized needs
  • 10’ or 20’ Rebounder System for practice
  • Optional: The fence can be comprised of 4′-10′ heights and can either be manufactured of steel mesh or new age barrier fencing materials (gates can also be installed)
  • Surface Options

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