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Resurface Your Tennis Court to Perfection and Renew Your Love for Tennis

Is the condition of your tennis court not backing up your passion for this sport? Or are the regular players no longer coming to play religiously? Well, it is time that you turn your life around and give your old, worn-out tennis court a fresh look.

There’s no denying there; no one wants to play tennis on an old, cracked, and worn-out court!

Change the game and choose the best tennis court resurfacing contractors in the country – Sport Surfaces!

The Right Time for Resurfacing of Tennis Courts

A question that is prevalent among tennis court owners and homeowners who have tennis courts on their property is, “how frequently should the surface of a tennis court be resurfaced?” The standard time after which a tennis court demands resurfacing is from four to eight years. However, other factors help in determining the answer to this very question. The type of construction matters the most in this case. Improper slopes can cause water to accumulate on the surface in the form of puddles, breaking the acrylic surfacing system. Insufficient compaction makes a tennis court surface prone to deformation and cracking. Improperly constructed drainage system paves the way for premature surface wear.

If this is the case, you will have to get your tennis court resurfaced earlier than 4 or 8 years!

The Cost of Resurfacing

Another important question that might be hovering above your head must be, “how much do I have to pay for resurfacing of my tennis court?” The cost varies within a range starting from $4000 and ending at $8000. Multiple factors contribute to the overall costs, and these again include the quality of construction of the court. The more complex the problem is, the higher is the cost!

Choosing the Experts

There are hundreds of tennis court resurfacing contractors out there, but we at Sport Surfaces take the lead! Don’t believe us?

20+ Years of Experience

Let’s all agree to the fact that experience is the most critical factor when it comes to choosing the tennis court resurfacing experts. We at Sport Surfaces offer an experience of more than 20 years. Over the course of our service years, we have served the clients with our absolute best. We have acquired the skills to instill life into old courts in worst conditions.

6.000+ Successful Projects

In over 20 years of experience, the team at Sport Surfaces has completed more than 6000 tennis court resurfacing projects. We have a vast network of satisfied clients and have brought hundreds of commercial as well as residential tennis courts in a first-class condition. We have worked on courts that lost their charm and were in bad shape, but we used our expertise and brought these old tennis courts back to life.

Variety of Services

When the Sport Surfaces was set up, it strictly performed resurfacing on hard acrylic tennis and basketball court resurfacing. We gradually added professionals on our team and started offering resurfacing sports courts, shuffleboard courts, etc. In addition to this, we provide maintenance services for hard courts ranging from pressure washing to asphalt repair and any other problems that may arise in Florida.

Cases We Deal With

Whether it’s a poorly constructed tennis court or a tennis court that has fallen prey to the harsh weather conditions, we will help you with our elite resurfacing services. Surface debris removal, trimming of edges, and periodic washing are the three primary services that we offer to people in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Phoenix, and in many other states in the country.

Removal of Debris

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they let leaves and other forms of organic debris build up on the surface, which in result causes wearing of the surface of the court. Organic debris holds moisture, and when it stays on the surface for long, it begins to rot, damaging the tennis court surface.

Trimming of Edges

When water drains off on the court, it starts to damage the surface by breaking the acrylic surface coatings. It significantly reduces the aesthetics of the court and high maintenance costs. We help in the prevention of this process by keeping grass, vegetation, and dirt trimmed down around the court edges.

Washing on Regular Intervals

If you want to extend the life of the tennis court surface and save yourself from regular maintenance, you need to wash it after fixed intervals. Light and moderate pressure washing works wonders when it comes to extending the life of tennis court surfaces.

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